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10th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference - SGEM2010, www.sgem.org, SGEM2010 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN 10: 954-91818-1-2, June 20-26, 2010, Vol. 2, 1055-1060 pp


The aim of the Bologna Process is to promote the European system of higher education
worldwide, remove obstacles to student and academic mobility within Europe, and
bring increased career opportunities for students and teachers in the European
employment market. Since 2003 Russia has been involved in the Bologna process.
Perhaps the task seems to be extremely ambitious. But we hope it will help us to
change the situation with foreign languages acquisition for the better. A significant
number of educational experiments are being conducted throughout the country and
development of curriculum in English for special purposes (ESP, in our case it is
English for petroleum engineers) is among them.

Microeconomic indicators and openness of Russia to global economy are being
discussed and Russian educational institutions are carefully examining the educational
models of developed countries in order to develop the country`s own strategy. We need
students which in future will became a qualified and creative workforce with knowledge
able to increase productivity, carry out applied and fundamental research and transfer
their knowledge to industry. The English language is de-facto standard in cross national
communication between engineers.

At our institute while starting ESP course, we try to follow the principles: teachability
(easy to remember and illustrate), similarity, availability (the whole industry uses them),
coverage (include the meaning to be used further in learning).

We prepare auxiliary material like parallel texts, background information, bibliography
and resources such as specialized web sites, and glossaries. We make a compilation of
suitable exercises for the goals we want to reach together with the learners and a part of
this practical course deals with metaphors. The English language is rich in metaphors
involving animals used in term formation, which sometimes impress the non-English
speakers. For example, there are so many `dogs` in engineering : chainsaw dogs, shutter
dogs, bench dogs, ladder dogs, hatch dogs, firedogs (alias dog irons, andirons), clutch
dogs, lathe dogs, feed dogs.

Metaphorisation is viewed as a cognitive model of terms formation in the
terminological system of a number of sciences and it is proved that the absolute
majority of petroleum engineering metaphoric terms belong to the type of metaphors
that can be called orientational-conceptual. It can also be explained by the fact that the
oil industry began over five thousand years ago. In the Middle East, oil seeped up