DOI: 10.5593/SGEM2014/B53/S21.033


I. Dobre, M. Stefan, S. D. Bran
Wednesday 1 October 2014 by Libadmin2014

References: 14th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2014, www.sgem.org, SGEM2014 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7105-19-3 / ISSN 1314-2704, June 19-25, 2014, Book 5, Vol. 3, 245-252 pp

Agricultural chemicals used in conventional technologies are known as fertilizers,
stimulants and pesticides. Generally, the role of them is to control, prevent or reduce the negative impact of pests and to cover the foods needs. In this context, has increased the chemicals allocations, with negative impact on people health and environment. But not only, because the chemicals generates waste and packings, which create issues for people, environment and, additional, costs for producers. For that is need for a good management, a cooperation between inputs producers, dealers and farmers (users). They can reduce the potential risk in this field. Because toxicity is the main chemical used in crop production, their management is included in a legislative and institutional framework for long-term control, the aim being sustainability. Analyzing statistics (macro level and micro - farm level), it is found that does not acquire the entire quantity of chemicals produced. Reporting the total quantity of chemicals used on arable land and, according to media productions made in Romania, the concentration of the active substance is not liable deadly virulence. This paper makes a real analysis of pesticides per unit area and product, quantitative and economic, in the vegetal branch. For to minimize environmental health risks and hence the population, present and future, it is necessary to strictly follow best agricultural practices, and the management of plant protection products, to know their traceability. Moreover, in the management of chemicals (dangerous) are required permanent information, training and awareness, and prevention of environmental pollution become indispensable to this process. The impact and risks of pesticide use, and the desire for a healthy life in Romania encourage farmers to use caution with these substances, so that even their packaging and waste, to have a harmless course, sustainable.

Keywords: management, chemicals, sustainability, agriculture