DOI: 10.5593/SGEM2014/B32/S13.008


C. C.Stirbu, G. Busuioc, C. Necula, I.Florin, C. Florin
Wednesday 1 October 2014 by Libadmin2014

References: 14th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2014, www.sgem.org, SGEM2014 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7105-14-8 / ISSN 1314-2704, June 19-25, 2014, Book 3, Vol. 2, 53-60 pp

In the critical areas that need to be restored ecologically, are mentioned the areas affected by chemical pollution and also high tensile surfaces, such as those suffering from drought, excess water, erosion and landslides, which tend to expand under climate change. In the ecological reconstruction of soils affected by different degradation processes, should be considered general measures and specific measures of agricultural soils. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the efficiency of phytoremediation methods of soils degraded by erosion of the left slope of Dâmboviţa valley, Tătărani- Bărbuleţu area, by grassing degraded areas with a complex mixture of perennial grasses and improving soil quality indicators due to organic fertilization with compost. The general term of phytoremediation includes those processes that use plants to remove, transfer, stabilize, and destroy contaminants in soil, water and sediments. Phytoremediation methods offers significant potential for certain applications and allow remediation of sites much higher than would be possible when using traditional remediation technologies. The objectives of this work were to establish the best mixed perennial grasses while settling the benefits of using organic fertilizer in the form of compost or well fermented manure aiming to actually improve soil quality on Dâmboviţa left side of the pond, in the Tătărani-White River (Raul Alb) area. The efficiency goals outlined methods of phytoremediation of soils degraded by erosion from the area Tătărani - White River by grassing areas degraded by a complex mixture of perennial grasses and improving soil quality indicators due to organic fertilization with compost.

Keywords: soil, phytoremediation, errosion, perennial grasses, texture, slope INTRODUCTION

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