DOI: 10.5593/SGEM2014/B13/S3.078


R. Krasniqi, S. Latifi, A.Tmava, S. Jonuzi, I. Jonuzi
Wednesday 1 October 2014 by Libadmin2014

References: 14th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference SGEM 2014, www.sgem.org, SGEM2014 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7105-09-4 / ISSN 1314-2704, June 19-25, 2014, Book 1, Vol. 3, 599-606 pp

Mineral resources in the Earth are expending, almost in the existing developing deep of the mine sites. But in those mines which have reserves now are in the extreme deep. Reserve to bi under the Sea level, is now normality. But in such deep it has to do with totally others work conditions. The air pressure ismore then atmosphere the mine ventilation is expensive, and the underground pressure are going to bi higher, with that are coming the strata punch crush. The vertical ore transportation is going to bi expensive with that growing the ore exploitations cost in the mine. [2] With this the offers of the metals is going to decrease, the lack of metals in the market is a cause of metal price growing. The markets value of metals is growth 4 times. Also the surface exploitation of the tailings is economically of interest. In the fact the value of the Pb, Zn, Ag, and Au metals are 12 time more then in the Moment of creation of the mine dumps which is the last year 1980. For the ambient care the mine dump are decreased for more then 10%, and now is possible to create e new mine dump with new buildings materials which gave us possibilities to totally isolate the tailing from the ambient. That is the question of the time.[1]

Keywords: Resources, transportation, refloating, cutoff, metal