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References: 13th SGEM GeoConference on Informatics, Geoinformatics And Remote Sensing, www.sgem.org, SGEM2013 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-954-91818-9-0 / ISSN 1314-2704, June 16-22, 2013, Vol. 1, 729 - 736 pp


Unique Dubník opal mines are located in the middle of the northern part of Slanské vrchy. From Presov is located about 28 km SE and we get to them through Solivar towards Zlatá Baňa. In now abandoned settlement Dubník was the former administrative center of mining precious opal. Deposits of precious opal include historic mining districts, bigger and wider Libanka and smaller Šimonka, about 2 km further north.
Dubník deposits of precious opal are exceptional phenomenon from a global perspective. Nowhere in the world has been mined opal by mining method in such a large scale, and so long ago. Also present precious opal mining in Australia is comparable to the extraction of precious opal on Dubník 150 years ago, when was mined more than 25 000 carats of precious opal per year. In 1922, the mines were closed and were still not found investor for their reopening.
Location Dubník is due to the opal mines often visited by tourists from different parts of the world and there is a presumption of development of "montane" tourism. Also from these reasons, in the recent years this site has become a major tourist attraction. There was established a museum and part of workings was opened to the public. In this context, the idea was to create GIS for an area Dubník opal mines, which would contain all the available information on this important area. In addition to mining information, there were also various tourist information about broader area of this site. The aim is to develop in the future GIS and spatial model of area and spatial pattern of mining works. Spatial models would serve to visitors as promotion of mining and attractions as well as a comprehensive information system of territory. Into the GIS will be implemented information about hiking trails, occurrences of unique natural communities, etc. Part of these objectives has been met and results are presented in this article.

Keywords: Dubník, mine, opal, geographic information systems, tourism, 3D model.

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