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References: 12th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference, www.sgem.org, SGEM2012 Conference Proceedings/ ISSN 1314-2704, June 17-23, 2012, Vol. 2, 1117 - 1124 pp


Tracking person’s eye movements have been used in many fields since the last decade.
The eye tracking system is the device for measuring eye positions and eye movement
("where we are looking"). It offers great opportunity for objective map analysis and
evaluation. The mouse and the keyboard are still inherent parts of computer for
locomotive control nowadays, but on the other side it requires some physical processes.
Control by sight only eliminates all constrains associated with locomotive control. It can
be used by disabled users, in specialized field like army or aviation, as well as wide
range of home users. This paper is based on eye tracking research made on first eye
tracking device in the Czech Republic used in the field of Cartography and
Geoinformatics. Paper describes methods and outputs of eye tracking system
appropriate for non-contact control, e.g. heat maps or gaze plot. Nine worldwide
examples of web map portals were analyzed by eye tracking, especially with focus on
distribution of their tools and functions on the screen. The aim was to localize suitable
distribution of tools for map movement (in fact “pan” and “zoom“ functions). Eye
tracking system allows analyze how sensitive are people on perception of control tools
in different web pages and platforms. Based on this preliminary part, and then is
followed by design of tools for eye control. It has been developed on device by SMI
iView 250 RED and SMI Experiment Suite 360° software. Simple interactive map
application, which enables control by keyboard, has been developed. Rectangle areas (=
areas of interest - AOI) located near the edges of map have been elected, and some time
delay function for each AOI has been given. When user localizes by sight one of AOI,
the map automatically moves to the way on which the edge is localized on, moreover
the short time delay prevents an accidental movement caused e.g. by blinking. The
technology recorded eye movements on the screen offers this option, because if system
properly defines the layout with the controls function of the map, connecting these two
components is the only necessary thing. The solution of movement control is based on
data transmission between eye-tracking-device-output and converter in real-time. Main
aim of the research is to design (both economically and technologically) optimal way
how to record and convert eye movement data into a program with sophisticated control
of movements on digital map. The concept based on SMI software, which is an integral
element of whole SMI device, just allows linking the map application with eye control
at very simple framework.

Keywords: eye tracking, non-contact control, web map, SMI

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