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References: 12th International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference, www.sgem.org, SGEM2012 Conference Proceedings/ ISSN 1314-2704, June 17-23, 2012, Vol. 1, 143 - 154 pp


Narman Canyon, located within the boundaries of the Country of Erzurum Narman,
covers an area of 63 km2. Narman Canyon covered with Pliyo-Quaternary sediments.
Oldest formation in the valley is Yoldere Formation. Büyükdere formation is in
accordance with this unit, old Alluvial Fan sediments is over this units. Over all of these
units are ancient alluviums.
Narman Canyon divided with the Oltu stream in two parts. Kırmızı Dere, Kovuk Dere,
Bulanık Dere, Göndere, Büyükdere and Yoldere valleys located in the western part and
Komun Dere, Deve canyons, located in the eastern part of Oltu stream are important
valleys in the field. Narman Canyon is famous with variety of sizes red fairy chimneys.
The soluble Fe and Mg elements from the surroundings rocks give the red color to the
During this work the main valleys in Narman Canyon valley, walked two times, the
coordinates of geological occurrences with the Scientific and Visual value of the located
in the valleys are recorded and after all required measurements are recorded to the own
created inventory form.
Around the eight streams in the main valley 14 geosite and 56 pieces inventory with
visual and scientific value are saved and to reach this inventories 15 geopark courses are
prepared and saved on the map.
The biodiversity which is important to make a field a geopark is investigated. Flora and
Fauna values are counted one by one and saved as a separate inventory study.
The neighboring areas which can be geosit fields is scanned and a Jeopark planning
work with the center Narman Canyon is started. The inventory work in Narman Canyon
will end in 2012
The geological occurrences near Koçkaya village between Narman-Oltu and the caves
formed by pyroclastic flow near Kilimli Village are the occurrences which support the
works of being Jeopark of Narman Kanyon
The next stage of this work is to make Narman canyon being appropriate to Unesco
criteria. After the fulfillment of these criteria Narman Kanyon has the possibility to be a
Jeopark declared by Unesco in short duration

Keywords: Geopark, geosite, fairy chimneys, geological heritage, Narman

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