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5th International Scientific Conference - SGEM2005, www.sgem.org, SGEM2005 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 13-17, 2005, 657- 664pp


Hydrogeological investigations of groundwater are based on large amount of
qualitative and quantitative data which demands a complex approach to modeling and
organizing information into some logical data model, useful on local, regional and national
level. For that purpose at Geological survey of Slovenia we established a Database of
hydrogeolocial data to define groundwater bodies of Slovenia in which all significant data of
groundwater bodies, aquifers and hydrogeological objects are available.The main objective
of the paper is to define the design of conceptual, logical and physical data modelling. As its
result the entity-relationship data model (E-R model) is represented. By transferring archive
data into digital environment and establishing final application, faster and user-friendly data
access with various possibilities of analysis is provided. Digital storage of attributive data
enables uniformity of standards for collecting, analyzing and management of data, their
spatial presentation and distribution, connection with other information systems, construction
of complex so called “georelational model”, which represents active connection between
attributive data in the database and graphic objects on the maps, and important decisionmaking
future analysis.By constructing this information system we approach the
environmental more friendly and economically efficient exploitation of water, avoiding the
conflicts between satisfying the market demands and interests of other activities in the
Slovenian area.

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