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5th International Scientific Conference - SGEM2005, www.sgem.org, SGEM2005 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 13-17, 2005, 687- 692pp


It is presented in the paper two approaches for geographic data storage and
maintenance in Relation data base management system (RDBMS). The methods for data
indexing and organization of data storage in DB are discussed as follows:
Creating of spatial index on the basis of Quad-tree, applied in the ORACLE 8i module -
ORACLE Spatial;
Creating of spatial index on the basis of R-tree or rectangle grid coverage over the map
with spatial data applied in ORACLE Spatial and ESRI SDE (Spatial Database Engine).
The discussed approaches appears to be an up-to-date advanced technologies which
enable the integrated storage and operation of geographic, graphical and text (attribute) data
in unified data base schema. The functionality of these technologies makes possible the
creation of centralized base with geographic data, integration with their attributes in RDBMS
environment, multi-user data access. They could be used in the development of application
software for creation of geoinformation data base.

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