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5th International Scientific Conference - SGEM2005, www.sgem.org, SGEM2005 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 13-17, 2005, 39- 48pp


The Sabzevar ophiolite is a highly dismembered ophiolite complex located along the
northern boundary of the Central Iranian Microcontinet (CIM) and is one of the internal
groups of ophiolites and colored melange. The area has various lithological units that are the
cause of Sabzevar colored melange zone. There are many chromite pods in the area but the
high topography and mountainous condition and inability to trace the hidden lenses, many of
them are not explored yet. A mathematical- genetic model could be helpful to overcome the
problem. The parameters could be obtained from the active chromite mines. These
parameters could be geological, geochemical, mineralogical, enrichment and depletion of a
certain element and so on. A very detailed investigation about the geology, mineralogy and
petrology based on thin sections, XRF and XRD analysis from the studied area has been
done. The parameters that we need for the model are critical genetic factor (CGF) and
critical reconnaissance criteria (CRC). Then with a linear combination of the factors, there
would be a function called intrinsic geological unit (IGU). By using characteristic analysis,
the priority of each parameter would be defined. By running the model for Sabzevar area, a
3D space of lithological units would be highlighted which is called IGU. After running the
program model, an area with a high precision of mineralization has been defined. Based on these calculations, some new areas are also suggested for the future explorations in the
studied area.

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