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5th International Scientific Conference - SGEM2005, www.sgem.org, SGEM2005 Conference Proceedings/ ISBN: 954-918181-2, June 13-17, 2005, 81- 88pp


The transport represents one of the main sides of the mining technological process, the
preponderance of the expenses of this activity reported to the expenses for producing a tone
of useful mineral substance extracted from the underground reaching almost 40%.
A good transport system presumes to assure a permanent continuity with passive time
cycles having minimum values and functioning in well correlated cascade dimensionally and
capacitive speaking.
It’s obvious that a transport flow is performing if starting from the cutting equipment
from the mine coalface and till the deposit from the ground, the speeds and the capacities of
the components are optimal, that will lead to be evacuating the preliminary production
It’s well known that the cars transport system is used frequently mainly in well circuits
that are equipped with cages.
The main considerate that determines to be still used this variant consists in the fact
that a car system is a simple, elastic and enough fiable system.
The classical diagram of such circuits include a habit at the level of one production
horizon, a well platform endowed with pneumatic and electric pushers systems, a circuit that
presumes a layout for empty cars and a circuit of the layout fro the full cars and also a
stocking silo endowed with a dosing and loading system of the useful mineral substance into
the cars.
The variants for manipulating the cars along whole circuit are based mainly on mining
engines and/or reels system with steel ropes. On the wells platforms there are used cars
transport systems with level compensators with chains and with cams droved electrically
This paper proposes itself to implement some solutions for the optimization of an
underground flow transport by automating all the technological systems used in these cases
by monitoring and controlling them by computer.
The circuit that had been analyzed and detailed in order to elaborate a technical and
technological documentation is a common one, which is developed on a total length of 200 ml
and is deserved by an extraction well equipped with two cages in two floors of two cars/floors
and a silo having the stocking capacity of almost 300 m3, equipped with a s\hydraulic system
for dosing – loading the useful mineral substance.

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