G. Badea, C. Oprea, R. Felseghi, A. Bolboaca, T. Soimosan
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


The buildings and services sector accounts for about 40% of total EU energy consumption, in particular residential heating accounting for 78% of this consumption. Increasing the energy performances of buildings, together with the effort to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and, implicitly, climate change are the main directions of intervention of worldwide energy strategies. In the context of a process of global energy transition, Romania - as a member of the European Union, also is engaged in a policy of changing social attitudes in favor of clean energies, which implies adaptation to international trends and the assumption of new directions of technological development in the field energy sources. Given the considerable potential of renewable energy resources, different hybrid systems applicable in the field of energy production facilities can be implemented in Romania to ensure the comfort in buildings. Based on these considerations, this paper presents two hybrid energy generation systems for residential buildings in Romania. The first system consists of photovoltaic panels, heat pump and wind turbine (S1), and the second system consists of photovoltaic panels, a heat pump and a thermal plant that uses biomass as fuel (S2). The two hybrid energy systems have been studied in a multicriterial analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of their use in residential buildings compared to a classical (SC) energy support system in this sector. At the same time, the impact of the use of such energy systems on the environment is estimated and is analyzed. Also, the investment costs necessary for the implementation - commissioning and the financial performance related to the life of the two systems are estimated. The purpose of the study presented in this paper is to substantiate the feasibility and sustainability of the implementation of such hybrid systems in the field of residential buildings as power sources using modern alternative energies.

Keywords: biomass, comparative analysis, heat pump, hybrid system, photovoltaic panel, power sources, residential building, wind farm.

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