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Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the reality of today’s architecture. Building Information Modelling (BIM) technique is a great opportunity for communication and data management in virtual space. Theoretically BIM has a sophisticated database, where the resulting software can simultaneously create the data and generate “reports” about it, in the form of drawings. BIM cloud-based collaboration provides up-to-date information, where project data is at the centre of the process and delivered to the point of work, makes building workflows more efficient and effective, especially combined with the representational, analytic, and reality capture capabilities. The new aspects and tools have triggered new demands for architects and at the same time it is a new era in architecture. Introducing advanced digital tools into the architectural design process has allowed contemporary architects to explore new depths and push design boundaries. The powerful computer hardware and software can store, transmit and evaluate huge amount of information, but this virtual universe sometimes seems to be too much and too complicated for architects, engineers and contractors (AEC) as single individuals. Adaptation is a crucial factor in Sustainable Architecture. We have to be in dialogue with nature and not to work against it, because we are the part of it. BIM helps effective integration of surrounding parameters into creative design process. Adequacy of decisions depends on the data applied. Sustainability in architectural design can be more effective based on a newly developing BIM managed multilevel complex database. The structural part of it should consist of the construction and material parameters, requirements and their qualification fitted to the design steps and systemized according to the performance based approach and building anatomy. It could help us to eliminate performance gaps in new buildings as well.

Keywords: BIM, sustainability, multi-level, complex, database

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