M. Cachova, D. Konakova, E. Vejmelkova, M. Vysvaril, P. Rovnanikova
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


This article is focused on the issue of lightweighted plasters. Lightweighted plaster can contribute to the contemporary tendencies of higher thermal insulating abilities of all structural materials with sufficient mechanical characteristics. Two mixtures were designed with the lightweight expanded perlite aggregate. The first one contained only expanded perlite as aggregate, whereas in the second one, the plaster silica sand was used instead of one-half of the lightweight aggregate. Lime-based components with admixture of ceramic powder, which proved appropriate pozzolanic activity, were utilised as the binder. Recycled finely ground brick powder led to improvement of mechanical characteristics and therefore compensates decreasing of mechanical properties caused by plaster lightening. The brick powder primarily comes from the production of thermal insulating brick blocks. Therefore, recycling of this waste leads to improvement of ecological and economic aspects. Material characterization, basic physical properties, mechanical parameters and thermal properties were experimentally measured and evaluated. It was proved that designed plasters showed desired low bulk density and high porosity. Both of them had adequate mechanical properties. The thermal insulating ability was significantly improved.

Keywords: plaster, lime, perlite, ceramic powder, mechanical properties, porosity

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