G. Badea, A. Gagea, V. Gagea-Manitiu, A. Badita, M. Dumitrescu
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


This paper aims to provide an overview of the technologies for the use and implementation of phase change materials, in order to identify possible applications in energy efficiency, reducing energy losses and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, while at the same time bringing a contribution to identifying applications in passive house designs for reducing thermal bridges and providing heating and cooling requirements in extreme weather climates, as well as aspects regarding the integration of phase change materials in indoor systems and installations in order to reduce the energy consumption. The use of phase change materials in the construction of passive houses, where the thermal transfer process is a complex process that is subject to external influences due to the climatic area, and the internal influences due to the solar radiation flow entering the building and the internal thermal loads, will allow the reduction or even removal of thermal bridges and will supply the heating and cooling energy needs by creating a thermal management system through which internal energy will not be lost, but will be stored and released to the inner environment in a continuous cycle. In the global context where we are talking about the depletion of classical combustible resources, we find that orientation towards passive houses and passive buildings is a necessary direction to follow, and by using phase change materials we can conclude that their integration into the constructive systems of passive houses has a significant impact in the creation of a thermal management system, that will allow efficient storage of the energy necessary for the optimal operation and maintenance of the indoor microclimate conditions, and at the same time will ensure the energy optimization and the limitation of the energy losses and consequently the limitation of costs regarding the implementation and operation indifferent of the climate zone.

Keywords: phase change materials, energy efficiency, passive house, thermal bridges, thermal management system.

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