A. S. Derunets
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Previously it was believed that stress influence on microorganisms is only negative, reducing the efficiency of biosynthesis. However, it has been shown now that with the use of controlled stress, it is possible to increase the efficiency of microbial cultivation processes. Among other types of stress, oxidative stress is the most significant. When microorganisms are exposed to oxidative stress agents, breaks can occur in nucleic acid molecules as well as of protein molecules, in addition to this, the blockage of the reaction centers of enzymes can take place too. The damage that has occurred is repaired by various repair systems, one of which is the photorepair system. This process is linked with the action of the photoreactivating enzyme - photolyase, which is a flavoprotein. This study covers the improvement of lactic acid biosynthesis. It is proved that the culture exposed peroxide-pretreatment becomes sensitive to the effects of small doses of visible light. It is possible to achieve relatively small but stably observed positive effects in point of an increase in the lactic acid yield and a decrease in the content of extracellular metabolic byproducts.

Keywords: oxidative stress, Lactobacillus paracasei, lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid.

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