A. Cozma, A. Velciov, A. Dragunescu, I. Cretescu, M. Petcu
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


In the last years, due to its benefits, the syrup has gained a valuable place on the market, can be extracted from many flowers and medicinal plants, and from all kinds of fruits that can be squeezed out. Many studies have highlighted the beneficial therapeutic effect of fruit and herbal syrups as a cure for various diseases. Due to their curative properties, being good detoxifiers, general tonic and immunostimulating, the syrups have a major importance in modern food, having a dual functionality, namely that of food-medicine. Fruit and plant syrups rich in vitamins and minerals, are natural products used both for preventive and therapeutic purposes as a natural remedy, should not be missed from daily nutrition. Their therapeutic qualities are due to the rich content of bioactive substances (vitamins, flavonoids, tannins, mucilage’s, essential oils) and minerals present in the fruits and plants used to prepare its. The aim of the study was to evaluate and test the linear relations between some biophysical characteristics (pH, electrical conductivity, dynamic viscosity, refractive index, superficial tension and density) in case of various types of plant syrup assortments. Were analyzed and compare the syrup samples (elderflowers, ginger, sea buckthorn) in case of fresh home-made plant syrups and the same assortment of pasteurized plant syrup from the market. The pH was measured using a pH meter mark CONSORT 3010, a multiparameter analysis device that allows measurement of pH, electrical conductivity and temperature. The refractive index was measured using the refractometry method, and relative viscosity using the Ostwald-type viscometer. All the data was statistically analyzed using Statistica10. The results showed that there is statistically significant correlation between the physicochemical characteristics for the analyzed types of syrup. Based on these linear correlations we determined the linear dependency between the above biophysical characteristics.

Keywords: plant syrup assortments, biophysical characteristics, statistical evaluation data.

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