D. Nurgaliev, D. Kuzina, L. Kosareva, P. Krylov, V. Antonenko
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


We performed seismoacoustic and magnetic investigations of samples taken from Lake Bolshoe Miassovo (Chelyabinsk region, Russia) in 2018. Before sampling, seismoacoustic investigations were conducted in order to study stratification in sediments, reconstruct the reservoir’s history and select core locations with undisturbed stratification. A special hydraulic corer was used for taking long core samples. Five cores up to 5 meters long were obtained. For laboratory investigations, all cores have been cut into smaller samples (2 cm thick). For each sample, magnetic susceptibility (MS) was measured, hysteresis parameters were obtained and differential thermomagnetic analysis (DTMA) was carried out to trace changes in magnetic mineralogy and sedimentary environment, and also correlate the laminated sequences from different cores. Petromagnetic characteristics were also changing along the section. Thermomagnetic curves showed that the core samples basically consisted of two parts, and the principal magnetization carrier was magnetite. Some samples contain iron sulphides. Magnetic susceptibility measurements are in good agreement with DTMA. Petromagnetic parameters were derived from coercivity data, and the Day plot was built to evaluate magnetic grain size. Magnetic properties of sediments can be used for paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions. Several boundaries can be distinguished within the sequence – all associated with abrupt environmental changes. The most significant one is the lower boundary of the Holocene clearly reflected in acoustic and magnetic data.

Keywords: lake sediments, seismic investigations, petromagnetic properties, paleoclimate

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