V. Amortila, E. Mereuta, C. Humelnicu, M. Gingarasu
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


The presented paper identifies a potential factor that can amplify the atmospherically pollution due to drive’s biomechanics through the actuating devices and car controls. Most of the car drives neglect the operating techniques suggested by the manufactures. Thus, the overwork of the internal combustion engine amplifies the pollutant emissions. The driver position and the level of pollutant emissions can also be influenced by the heeled shoes. The delayed action of the clutch pedal and the delayed gear change lead to overloading of the engine and, implicitly, of the pollutants. The main source of nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) is the emissions of internal combustion engines, especially from cars, forming at high temperatures in the exhaust pipes. Maintaining the engine at a speed and maximum temperature leads to additional fuel consumption and creating conditions to increase the amount of pollutants in emissions. The analysis of the triple flexion and the triple extension of the lower limb in the case of driving car with a heel limit the biomechanics of the driver and make possible a delay in clutch operation, leading to the maintenance of the engine in a polluting cycle. This postural instability of the driver, given the heel footwear, may delay the action of the brake pedal with serious.

Keywords: driver biomechanics, air pollution, engine overwork, clutch pedal.

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