C. Humelnicu, V. Amortila, M. Gingarasu, E. Mereuta
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


There is a fact that where surfaces are in contact with relative movement, there is also wear, with these aspects dealing the Tribology. There are other mechanical parts destroyed during functioning by the fatigue of the materials. Usually these two phenomena are studied separately. But there are mechanical systems where these two actions are joined into a single degradation event, leading to a shorter working time for the parts. The study of the tribo-wear as a simultaneous action with the material fatigue, leads to a more accurate estimation of the damage evolution of the mechanical parts. As the wear products are often environmentally non-friendly, leading to pollution and even poisoning, like in heavy metals components, the investigation of degradation evolution is a solution to reduce these unwanted events. The paper proposes a test rig design, capable to simulate tribo-fatigue solicitations, on materials’ samples, allowing the investigation of damage evolution and life time prediction.

Keywords: tribo-fatigue damage, wear products, test rig design.

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