T. Rizaoglu, C. Coskun, D. Palka
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


Widespread use of natural stones has been a habit that has been going on for centuries. In addition to this widespread use, this material causes a significant amount of waste materials to be exposed during the processing of these materials. This is an economic problem in terms of both environmental pollution and disposal in waste materials. Therefore, the evaluation of these natural rock wastes is an important issue. In this study, it is aimed to recover the waste materials in natural stone workshops in Kahramanmaraş to obtain mineral plasters from these wastes for bringing them into the construction sector. Ten different rock wastes [limestone (Adıyaman), limestone (Şanlıurfa), limestone (Gaziantep), travertine (Denizli), four different tuffs (yellow,grey,rose and black) from Kayseri, basalt (Gaziantep) and granite (Iran)] used in construction sector in Kahramanmaras province were brought to sand size with the jaw crusher and sieved to be 0,5-1 mm. Materials suitable for the construction of plaster were mixed with cement and water in a certain ratio in the container and applied on expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. After the obtained materials were dried, thermal conductivity coefficients were measured by ASTM C 1113-90 hot wire method and the lowest value was obtained as 0.7739 W / mK in limestone (Gaziantep) and the highest value was obtained as 1.7247 from limestone (Adıyaman) sample. When combining with the thermal conductivity values of the well-known building isolation materials, it is clear that the materials have potential to add the positive effects on thermal isolation of the buildings. As a result, the use of the rock wastes in various color and mineral composition as a recycling for the mineral plaster material shows that it is appropriate to be evaluated in the construction sector as a material that is economical, paint-free and sensitive to the environment and human health.

Keywords: natural stone, waste recycling, mineral plaster, thermal conductivity

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