I. Krasniqi, R. Hajdaj
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


This paper considers a field of study related to green value creation in project management and specifically addresses the spectrum of green project managements in Kosovo case, and its impact in developing in general the Kosovo’s economy. During the paper, research questions are related to the role and the importance of green projects management in the country economy. The paper is based on the hypothesis that green project management plays important role in economic development, and also for future business development. The paper is based on a combined methodological approach that is deductive approach associated with the collection and study phase of primary information as well with inductive approach elements during further analysis at the stage of interpretation of the results. The methodology used in the paper is also combined including both qualitative and quantitative methods. This paper considers that green project managements play very important role for developing the countries’ economy. The conclusions and recommendations provided help to create and support the knowledge in the relevant field. The article aims to answer questions which are most important green economy sectors and which are the project management approaches that will be most help full in which benefits will be conditioned from it. Main objectives include heighten awareness on the importance of green economy and promotion of project based approach in this important field. Meanwhile the paper tries to determine feasibility of a sustainable project cases in green economy as future strategic approach to solve the obstacles faced with establishing a conventional program approaches. The results obtained shows great possibility for economic, environmental and other benefits from industrial waste valorization through the improvement of project management techniques in the sector. Finally it is important to mention that this field of research still in first steps that means debates and discussions are necessary in national and international level.

Keywords: Green economy, project management, economic development, valorization, sustainability

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