G. Zainescu, A. Meghea, A. Manea, R. Constantinescu
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


Organic biopolymers represent a source of raw material for agriculture, because the composition of protean wastes provides enough elements to improve composition and rehabilitation of degraded soils. The main target of this scientific paper is investigating the development possibilities for various multicompound systems of biodegradable polymers and studying the effects of these complex products on the structure and chemical and physical characteristics of degraded or contaminated soils (having a poor level of organic matter or submitted to a strong erosion process). Soil conditioning consists in improving physical characteristics by using various matters of different origin, known in specialty literature as “soil conditioners” - soil conditioning agents. The work presents a new pilot technology for biochemical decay of the tannery protein wastes and use of the resulted products as fertilizers. Biotechnology for the preparation of protein biocomposites mainly consists of hydrolysis of pelt waste with the enrichment and/or compounding with polymers (corn starch, maleic copolymers, etc.) for use as conditioners and fertilizers.

Keywords: biocomposite, protean wastes, tannery, soil

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