I. Cantar, I. Chisalita, L. Dinca
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


Created for the purpose of stabilizing the tailing dumps from Moldova Noua against wind erosion, the forest plantations successfully fulfill theirs eco protective role. The arrangement of plantations along the slope or plateau of tailing dumps are determining a different development in vertical and horizontal structure, depending on density, composition or site conditions. The structure study of the stands from tailing dumps was made by processing data obtained from sample surfaces located on the plateau or slope of tailings dumps, disposed in 4 variants with 3 repetitions. Diameters and heights distribution curves were realized, while for their mathematical analysis, the polynomial equations were derived. The roots of derived equations were then determined, establishing the maximum and minimum points. The proportion by species and tree growth was determined by comparing the obtained results with measurements made 10 years ago. The diameter distribution of trees place the maximum number of black locust trees in the 4-6 cm category, and the oleaster in the 2-4 cm category. The values for which polynomial curves take maximum or minimum values were then identified by analyzing the trees number distribution by diameters and heights. As such, height and diameter correlation is stronger for black locust than for oleaster. The maximum number of black locust trees, is in a superior category comparing with oleaster while the diameter distribution curve reveals two local maximum points and a single one for oleaster. Black locust distribution curve has symmetrical unimodal shape; for oleaster, it suddenly reaches its maximum in the 2-4 m category. Height-diameter relationship shows that the trees are well conformed and can provide their eco protective and landscape role in the area.

Keywords: trees, diameters, heights, black locust, oleaster

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