J. Ruba, O. Miezite, E. Dubrovskis, L. Sisenis, I. Naumciks
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Picea abies (L.) H. Karst is the most economically significant coniferous species in Europe. In central Europe, it has been growing for a long time. Since spruce stands in Latvia occupy considerable area - 18% of the total forest area (3.01 million), it is important to evaluate the impact of thinning on the productivity of young forest stands. In order to grow up healthy and productive forest stand, it is necessary thinning to perform timely and with a good quality. The aim of the research - to assess impact of Picea abies (L.) H. Karst stand density and age on height annual increment before thinning in Oxalidosa. Selected 12 spruce stands (6-19-years-old) with a total area of 30.9 ha were located in the region of western Vidzeme. In total, 85 temporary sample plots were established with a radius of 5.64 m. In the sample plot, all trees were counted and the total height of 30 trees was measured. In young stands tree height measured using 5 m long lath (for trees up to 5 m) and VERTEX (for trees above 5 m), distance from one tree to another - using Hultafors tape. Average height increment is the ratio between average tree height and age of the stand. In each sample plot ground vegetation and undergrowth species were identified, as well as damage caused by biotic and abiotic factors, which was divided into 6 damage degrees. In region of western Vidzeme thinning in artificially restored Norway spruce young stands in Oxalidosa was done with a very large intensity, since the number of trees after thinning decreases on average by 70%. Before thinning the largest number of trees was in the stand 10E6 (6900 ha ha-1), the smallest – in the stand 10E16 (3760 pieces ha-1). The number of trees in the stand (y = -6E-05x + 0.6396 R² = 0.6253, α=0.05) and stand age (y = 0.0181x + 0.0859 R² = 0.8374, α=0.05) impact the average height increment of young spruce stands before thinning.

Keywords: young stand1, thinning, mixed stand.

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