L. Mtsariashvili, N. Kekelidze, G. Goderdzishvili, E. Tulashvili, T. Jakhutashvili
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


This study investigates content of radioactive gas radon – Rn-222 in a number of sources of surface waters of different type (spring, artesian, well, river etc.), located in the territory of Kartli artesian basin, Georgia. Water samples were selected from 23 sources. Researches were carried out in the period January-December; samples from several locations were selected monthly. Electronic radon detector RAD7 was used for radon content determination. It was established, that radon content ranged depending on the source location as well as on water type. So, for example, radon content in different sources of spring water was in the limits from several units of Bq/L up to 16 Bq/L and more. Radon content in water of other types was less. Systematization of sources by activity groups (five groups of activity, from very low - less than 0.3 Bq/L up to high - in a range 10-30 Bq/L) was carried out. Based on the received results it was created radon map of some surface sources in the studied territory. It was analyzed possibility of influence on the radon content from various factors, for example, features of soil-geological structure, features of gathering of water, etc. Comparison was carried out with existing data in the literature.

Keywords: Radon, natural water, activity concentration, Georgia

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