S. V. Ostakh
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The conceptual basis for the creation of a forecast-analytical system that allows to predict the pollution and to control the purification of oil-containing sediments of small rivers are considered in this article. Oil content of bottom sediments creates the risk of secondary water pollution not only by substances entering the sludge. More dangerous products of degradation are formed in the result of the activity of the indigenous microorganisms, that inhabit the bottom of aquatic environment. Forecasting the dynamics of pollution and purification of oil-contaminated sediments of small rivers requires a comprehensive landscape-risk approach and a targeted study of the watercourses and their basins. It should be taken into account that water content, degree of pollution and flow regime are generally determined by the zonal-regional features of its catchment area and any changes in the natural and anthropogenic complex affect the state of the environment. The application of the forecast-analytical system as a part of the regional environmental monitoring will allow to achieve the improvement of regional environmental targets, namely the reduction of areas of pollution with oil-containing sediments of small rivers, water bodies and adjacent areas, accumulation of toxic waste and discharge of contaminated wastewater. The possibility of using reliable data to predict the dynamics of pollution and purification of oil-containing sediments in the creation of the environmental monitoring points within the boundaries of sensitive ecosystems is shown. It is also advisable to use the potential of simulation with scenario formalization in the development of recommendations for bottom sediments contamination risk assessment based on experimental studies and studies of the bottom sediments real pollution impact on the water bottom biocenosis.

Keywords: bottom sediments, small rivers, potential risk, forecasting, pollution degree

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