T. Ledashcheva, V. Pinaev
Wednesday 19 December 2018 by Libadmin2018


The article is devoted to the consideration of environmental and social factors in the management of territories and enterprises. Such consideration is crucial for the sustainable development of the territories. The authors use cognitive modeling as a tool. Building a model of the system in the form of a weighted oriented graph allows to take into account factors of different nature in complex interaction. Information for building a model can be obtained from a baseline environmental assessment or an economic and HSE audit of the target enterprise. The analysis of the constructed model allows us to assess the state of the simulated system, to detect the crisis or pre-crisis state, to suggest ways of optimal development of the system, or, if necessary, a way out of the crisis. Thus, the analysis of the existing enterprise model will help to find optimal solutions for enterprise management. With a more general approach, the analysis of the region model will help to determine the criteria for sustainable development of the region and the direction of optimal development. Analysis of the model of the planned enterprise in the system of the region will help to assess the feasibility of the project in terms of sustainable development of the region. Thus, the construction of cognitive models can be used as a tool for strategic environmental assessment and to support decision-making on project management throughout the project cycle. As an example, the modeling of the system of oil-producing regions of Russia is considered.

Keywords: Cognitive modelling, Socio-environmental-economic systems, Management of enterprise system, Sustainable development of the region, Strategic environmental assessment.

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