A. Patutin, L. Rybalkin, A. Drobchik, D. Patutin, S. Serdyukov
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


It often becomes necessary to evaluate the stress state of the rock massif when developing deposits of solid minerals. Timeous obtaining of data on geomechanical condition of rock massif provides the opportunity to estimate the level of stress and strain fields’ development in the mining area and to address the possibility of the occurrence of unfortunate events associated with the rock pressure and gas-dynamic processes. Also, this information offers an opportunity to select effective and safe design schemes and create the optimal design and working conditions under the ground. At the present time, a large number of methods used to detect the geomechanical state of the massif at various distances from the face of production have been developed. This information allows to choose effective and safe schemes for the production, and to provide optimal construction and operational conditions of underground facilities. One of the most common methods is considered to be hydraulic fracturing which is widely used in measurements performed in mines. The values of the minimum and maximum stresses are determined as a result of processing of the data recorded during the working fluid injection into the isolated interval of the borehole. The measurement hydraulic fracturing initiating a crack located across the well’s axis is of a primary interest. In this paper we present a scheme and a working prototype of the borehole tool that is designed to perform transverse hydraulic fracturing. The tool consists of a sealing pressurizing element and a mechanical anchor. Opening and fixation of the anchor creates additional tangential loading in the vicinity of the well walls in the fracture interval. We performed laboratory tests of the tool, and the results show that there is an opportunity to create a transverse crack in uncased wells without additional energy-consuming cutting of the initial slot.

Keywords: hydraulic fracturing, tensile loading, borehole tool, transverse crack

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