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Design strategy requires the proper order of actions. Each stage of the investment focuses on the data set and the results of conducted investigations. A virtual 3D model and computer simulations facilitate and accelerate the work of designers. Thanks to proper planning and consequent schedule implementation the whole project is carried in a timely manner. Proper logistics of actions, combined with the implementation strategy, translates also into the amount of incurred expenses. The specified order of actions, together with staying within the certain budget, are the key to successful completion of the project.
Water harbor is the example of an object that is affected by various external and internal factors. During its exploitation, the whole structure may be impacted by extreme values. Each public building undergoes regular technical inspections. Monitoring, that is, periodic inspections, can be supported with an ongoing measurements of the selected building structure parameters such as: deformations, stresses, displacement, temperature. For this type of applications, it is worth to use fiber Bragg gratings.
All decisions, at every stage of the investment, are based on the obtained data and guidelines, as well as the results of necessary tests and analyses. A virtual 3D model plays a key role in the whole process. Interpretation of effectiveness of actions is supported by simulations that involve searching the proper solution. In some cases, this is done by means of the so called trial and error method. The sequence of events generates the proper order of actions. In extreme cases, failure to include any element may lead to irreversible consequences at the subsequent stages.

Key words: virtual design, visualization, water harbor, architecture

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