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The importance of keeping in good shape and transmitting the world heritage to future generations is accepted worldwide unanimously. The values of the past are those that define a country, and for which society must ensure as efficiently as possible their protection, while adapting them to advancing technology.
At present, there is a well-established legislation on the energy efficiency of new or renovated buildings. This facilitates the achievement of a ranking and therefore a labeling based on energy consumption, heat loss, type of insulation, type of windows or installations that provide thermal comfort and lighting in each building.
A special case is that of historic buildings that have to manage with additional regulations besides those relating to energy performance. These limit the measures that may be applied to new buildings, requiring the finding of more complex, and therefore more expensive, rehabilitation methods.
It is important, therefore, that in support of the owners of such buildings, to come up with certain support decisions from the competent authorities. In this respect, a first step is the construction of a "map" of the building requiring energy rehabilitation interventions and their classification according to the degree of deterioration and the complexity of the measures to be applied.
The authors present in this paper the results of their study regarding all historical buildings in Bucharest, classified according to certain criteria of importance of intervention measures. These databases materialized in the form of an interactive map (highlighting the density according to the criterion level, the positioning in the geographic area of the analyzed buildings, their condition in the year 2018, the level of energy performance, etc.).

Keywords: world heritage, energy consumption, historic buildings

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