E. Potapova, Y. Krivoborodov, S. Samchenko, T. Kouznetsova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Studies have been carried out to increase the activity of ashes and cements by separate or joint activation in an aqueous medium immediately before the preparation of concrete on the construction site. Activation was carried out in devices where the treated medium was subjected to hydrodynamic and cavitation effects. When using coarse-grained ash, it is possible to recommend either their preliminary grinding in an aqueous medium before adding into the concrete mixing unit, or joint activation with cement. The joint activation of the ashes with cement ensures a higher homogenization of the mixture, which results in significant cost savings, because does not require additional equipment for separate activation of materials. Besides, the joint activation of cement and ash significantly increases the strength of samples from cement stone and concrete. The strength of concrete samples based on activated ash-cement mixtures relative to concrete samples of the same composition but based on conventional cement and ash, is 3 days - 200 ... 230%, for 7 days - 170 ... 180% and 28 days hardening - 50 ... 60%. Thus, cement stone, obtained on the basis of jointly activated ash and cement, has an increased early strength due to increased pozzolanic activity of ashes and intensive hydration of clinker minerals, and late - due to the active participation of ash in the formation of the structure of cement stone. The obtained results make it possible to use ash and slag wastes more efficiently when obtaining cements and concretes on their basis.

Keywords: ash-cement mixtures, pozzolanic activity, hydration, joint activation

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