A. Osavelyuk, M. Varlen, N. Taeva, D. Kuteiynikov, A. Bartsits
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The problem of energetic effectiveness is one of the most important in the XXI century high-speed developing realities. Sources of electrical energy, both reparable and irreparable, are the objects of constitutional and energetic law. The creation of legal normatives and the possibility of optimization of these mechanisms in this sphere will be sufficient guarantee of providing ecological safety and ecosystem worldwide. During this research formally legal, historical, comparative methods, method of modelling and structural functional approach were used. The main methodology was interdisciplinary humanitarian knowledge. Reparable and irreparable sources of energy, and large diversity of ecosystems and systems of ecological are the objects of different sciences. The science of ecological law constructs optimal mechanisms of everyday cooperation with natural and social phenomena mentioned above. At the same time the task of constitutional law is to make basic guarantees for the functioning of these mechanisms, and also to consolidate the system of basic ecological values, living in accordance with which the humanity will survive in XXI century. The key objects of the state policy of Russian Federation in the sphere of “green energy” and environmental safety are established.

Keywords: ecological system, ecological safety, energetic safety, constitutional regulation, reparable and irreparable sources.

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