A. Ticha, G. Kocourkova, D. Hrabincova, M. Vazlerova
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History of water supply and sewerage systems dates back to ancient times, since water is a scarce resource needed for life. Worldwide, it is possible to find the remains of various drinking water pipelines. Various ways of dealing with wastewater are also documented. This article deals with water management in the Czech Republic area. The topicality of the text is supported by the fact that not all residents in the Czech Republic are currently supplied by drinking water from public water systems and the proportion of the population permanently living in houses connected to the sewerage system does not represent 100 per cent. Historical development of water supply and sewerage systems, their ownership and management are briefly mentioned. Sources of drinking water on the selected territory of the Czech Republic as well as their use in the water supply network are mentioned.
Establishment of the independent Czech Republic in 1993 brought the end to 11 state-owned companies providing water supply and sewerage management. The period after the establishment of the independent Czech Republic up to the present day can be characterized as a period of privatization. Fragmentation of entities operating on the water management market can be seen as one of many impacts of privatization. The database of the Ministry of Agriculture shows a total of 6,668 owners and 2,853 operators throughout the Czech Republic for the year 2016. Owners are for example municipalities or voluntary associations of municipalities.
Such situation contributed to the fact that the price of water in individual regions of the Czech Republic began to differ. Water has become a valuable commodity on the market, not only because of involving foreign operators and recipients of water and sewer rate charges. The aim of this article is to introduce methods of calculating the price of water and sewer rates in the Czech Republic. Furthermore to list the development of water price and comparison of current water prices in the Czech Republic with regard to the recipients of the profit from the water sale while both the recipient of the profit as well as the operators can be represented by either a municipality, a water company located in the Czech Republic or a foreign water company.
In conclusion, it should be emphasized that the paper deals with drinking water which is subject to the relevant standards governing its quality. However, it could be replaced in some cases by the non-drinking water which may lead to the reduction of its price for the final consumer.

Keywords: water supply, sewerage, municipality, calculation, price

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