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Technology entrepreneurship should be understood as a strategic mechanism of the organization’s development, while the core of this development is the use of modern technologies and social processes constitute an indispensable frame. In other words, an organization, as an entity of technology entrepreneurship strategy, is a catalyst for technology ventures, ranging from a technological idea to the market product. A model of technology entrepreneurship as a long-term mechanism for development of an organization is a social process of simultaneous development of an organization and its environment, the main logic of which is a consent recognition and use of technological development opportunities. When analyzing technology entrepreneurship in the perspective of strategic development of an organization, it can be considered at the following three levels: (a) at the functional level, as a process of technology entrepreneurship, the motor force for development of an organization, the central logic of which is the process of recognizing and using technology opportunities; (b) at the attribute level, understood as a specific behavior of an organization taking place in its surrounding, i.e. external environment of technology entrepreneurship, (c) at the level of technology entrepreneurship results, which make up a multidimensional measurement of organizational development efficiency. At the process level, according to the configuration approach, technological entrepreneurship is understood as a configuration of elements of managerial leadership, organizational structure and development strategy. At the attribute level, in the light of the concept of entrepreneurial orientation of the organization, we can distinguish three characteristic features of an entrepreneurial organization, i.e. proactivity, risk taking and innovation. The characteristics of organizational environment can be determined based on the following attributes: hostility, complexity and variability. At the results level, according to the concept of high-efficiency organization, an entrepreneurial mechanism of the organization’s development should reflect in its superior development within a given time perspective.

Keywords: technology entrepreneurship model, effectiveness, attributes, processes.

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