A. Senova, J. Cambal, M. Sh. Muchova, L. Domaracka, I. Kanuchova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


We deal with the target of our work that is to provide a general overview of the Slovak scene relating to the Startups. Our aim is to analyze the area of innovative entrepreneurship and start-ups in individual sectors of the Slovak economy (mining industry, renewable energy sources, tourism, etc.). It is necessary to state the reasons that lead to the development of startups and to analyze their impact on the economy of the national economy in terms of creating new jobs. We have explored successful and less successful Slovak startups. We used Lean startup method on a specific project in the results and in the discussion. Through Lean Canvas business model we compiled their values into nine blocks. We focused on the verification of the areas in which they operate and the way of financing project. We also investigated at what stage they are currently situated, what are their fundamental objectives and what successes they have achieved. In the conclusion we evaluated the effectiveness of Slovak startups. We obtained the processed results on the basis of questionnaires that we had sent out to various Slovak startups.

Keywords: startup, lean startup, Lean Canvas business model, Slovak startups, questionnaire method

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