J. Dugas, J. Kosco, D. Tudos, L. Sebescakova, I. Kanuchova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The main aim of our paper is to analyze and make proposals on the effective management of individual items that have a significant impact on elimination of industrial risks. Attention is paid to the issue of management of industrial risks in the industrial enterprises in Slovakia. To obtain the necessary data, we draw information from internal materials of enterprises. For management, it is important to know what risks it could negatively affect them. Identification, quantification of impacts and subsequent proposals to reduce the steps of analysis to help enterprises to improve their status and to the implementation of important decisions. This paper focuses on the identification of risks, assess their severity, and determine their impact and subsequent establishment of corrective action to ensure the prevention of the impacts. For the actual analysis, we used the FMEA method, scoring method was created. The paper presents the results of the risk analysis carried out the industrial enterprises and factors that these risks are affected the most. They were subsequently developed proposals to reduce selected risks that were assessed with the highest risk. We evaluated risk factors, the probability and their significance.

Keywords: risk management, risk analysis, mining enterprises, industrial enterprises, the FMEA method, scoring method

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