M. Nový, J. Nováková, M. Waldhans
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Project management is a recognized and used technique for the preparation and implementation of projects. There are several different methodologies worldwide, which try to achieve the same goal by different approaches - previously defined goal of the project. In construction industry, the projects are always connected to the particular type of construction. However, the goal of the project is not the realised construction itself, but it is the means how to achieve it. Construction production is characterized, among other things, by the consumption of large volumes of heavy building materials. These materials may originate from primary natural sources or they can be produced from the recycled materials that were used and modified before – recycled materials. Construction industry is able to use recycled materials from demolished buildings as well as from other industries as well as municipal waste. The use of recycled materials in the construction industry is influenced by availability of suitable sources and benefits of their use. The advantage cannot be seen only from the economical perspective (lower price) but also from the environmental perspective (protection of the environment). This article is based on general assumptions and contexts of construction production in the Czech Republic. It includes processing and evaluation of a specific case study in which recycled building materials are used. In the conclusion, current situation has been assessed and some recommendations have been raised.

Keywords: project management, construction production, waste materials in the construction industry, recycled materials

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