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Relevance of results. In modern conditions, the recycling of natural resources in industry seems to be one of the important directions of their rational use of resources. Growth in the output of industrial products requires the involvement in production of an increasing number of natural resources, which are mostly non-renewable. As a result, there is a depletion of natural resources and the formation of significant amounts of waste. Territorial innovation clusters represent a new effective form of territorial production organization, on the basis of which the degree of resource recycling can be significantly increased, production is close to wasteless.
Purpose of the study. Analyze the directions of development of the circular economy in modern industry, determine the role of territorial innovative clusters in this process, establish the main directions for implementing the circular economy in clusters. To expand methodological and methodological approaches to the economic evaluation of recycling resources in clusters.
Description of the methodology. Development of methodological and methodological approaches for assessing the main directions of the circular economy based on territorial innovative clusters.
Main results. In modern conditions, territorial innovation clusters can be considered one of the important directions for implementing a circular economy. In this regard, the main directions and factors under the influence of which the effect of recycling resources in clusters is formed. On the example of metal-producing and consuming industries, recommendations were developed to improve the indicators characterizing the circular economy.

Keywords: circular economy, resource recycling in industry, territorial innovative clusters, main directions of development of the "circular" economy, rational use of resources

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