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Relevance of results. One of the main factors of the accelerated transition to innovative development of the economy on the basis of the formation of high-tech industries is rational nature management, which makes it possible to use the country’s natural resources with the greatest impact and, on the basis of their deep processing, create new types of structural materials and promote the introduction of advanced technologies and industries. The implementation of these tasks determines the need for a well-founded priority and conditions for the extraction of natural resources, timely enrichment and full utilization, the transition to non-waste technologies and the useful processing of unavoidable wastes, and control over compliance with environmental safety.
Purpose of the study. To organize an end-to-end system for monitoring the use of natural resources along the value chain of the final consumption product, including determining priority areas for their use, the full use of resources, minimizing waste through the development of wasteless technologies and subsequent processing of unavoidable wastes, which will increase the efficiency of the extractive and processing industries .
Description of the methodology. Orientation to the reproductive approach, taking into account a single chain of value creation, the choice of methods for optimizing indicators of effectiveness and efficiency of natural resources, while meeting the requirements of environmental safety.
Main results. The principles of the territorial organization of production based on vertical integration with the expansion of the variability of processing business processes are substantiated, and the greatest benefits are obtained, the intensification of the use of natural resources due to new production technologies and the formation of knowledge-intensive enterprises in processing industries.

Keywords: resources, processing, restoration, recultivation, efficiency, recirculation

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