R. Kledus, M. Semela, A. Bradáč, P. Maxera, M. Belák
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


Paper deals with problems of evaluation of limit states at determining of value of technical objects, who have significant impact on environment. Trucks belong typically to objects with environmental impact and the legal framework influences and limits the possibility of their usage. One of the important input values for determination of vehicle value is the length of its operating life. Currently the object limit state is considered, when the object is not able to fulfil the function, or the level of functional parameters drops below the admissible measure. Increasing ecology requirements of trucks invoke the needs to consider different point of view on causes of limit states origins. The need to deal with environmental limit states occurs. Such limit states of evaluated technical object have origin in surroundings of the object and occur at changes resulting from requirements on quality of functions or at changes of requirements resulting from impact of objects into surroundings or environment. Paper deals with analysis of such phenomenon and clarification or causes, which lead to the need of evaluation of environmental limit states at appraisement of trucks in connection of conditions changes in road traffic as well.

Keywords: appraisement, transport, environment, emission, limit state, toll

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