P. Kijovský, J. Dobrovič, E. Michaeli
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


On the basis of structure and qualitative parameters of agricultural soils, there are only 23.4% non-profitable soils for the winter wheat growing in the total area of the Gemer Region. The same percentage for the corn maize growing is 78.7%, for the sugar beet growing 80.0 % and for winter rape growing 46.0% of the total agricultural soils area in the mentioned region. Generally, for the crop production, it can be stated, that without production subsidies, at the present economic situation there are 65.9% soils non-profitable, 23.0% low profitable, 6.3% medium profitable and 4.8% high profitable in the Gemer Region. Therefore, the existence and effective action of agriculture should be financed subsequently from the means of government (production subsidies). This fact is also documented by the potentially optional economic parameters that can be reached on local farmland. In average, the costs of 303 € and the revenues on the level of 299 € can be expected per one hectare, what is without subsidies representing the loss of 4 € ha-1 (profitability rate - l.42%). The calculated economic parameters can be used for a more effective production allocation and soil utilisation in different regions.

Keywords: soil productivity potential, soil parameters, soil profitability

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