V. Hromadka, E. Vitkova, J. Sabo
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The paper is focused on the issue of the economic evaluation of the revitalization of brownfields in the form of abandoned mining areas. The issue of the abandoned mining areas is in the Czech Republic the long-time social-economic problem, which it is necessary in the close future to solve in an appropriate way. There exist more possibilities, how the issue of brownfield can be solved, however not all possible solutions it is possible to consider as optimal from the whole society point of view. The main objective of the paper is to propose the methodological steps for the economic evaluation of projects oriented on the revitalization of abandoned mining areas, which allows assessing suggested solutions from the aspect of ecological and economic impact on the investor and on the region as well. The specific stress is posed on the assessment and the evaluation of the impact on biotopes, the attention is also paid to evaluation of benefits resulting from the revitalization project to residents of the region and tourists. Within the suggested methodological steps various approaches to the economic evaluation, known from the biotopes quality, roads and highways, trafficly significant water structure and developing regional projects evaluation, are combined. Suggested methodological steps are consequently verified on the case study of the revitalization of the former brown coal mine in the area Most – Ležáky in the northern part of the Czech Republic.

Keywords: Economic Evaluation, Brownfields, Revitalization, Mining Areas

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