Dagmar Kuta, Stanislav Endel, Lucie Hurdalkova
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


This paper analyzes the presence of major employers in the core cities of bi-centric Hradec Králové – Pardubice agglomeration which are the main sources of economic potential for the entire agglomeration area and important location in terms of GDP generation at national level. The presence of the different economically active entities also significantly influences the numbers of inhabitants not only residing in the agglomeration but also migrating there for work. Due to this facts both core cities face the issue of sustainability of economically active population which requires certain level of civic amenities being expected to be provided by the core cities. The analyses of major employers presented in the paper show the shares of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors facilitating the forecasts of future development in economic analyses of the concerned territory. The increase of number of economically active inhabitants in the tertiary sector remarkably influences the character of the city. The forecasting of economic development of the agglomeration therefore requires detailed analysis of the core cities and their economic position and economy. Economic development of an area can be understood as a gradual and systematic adaptation of the economy to changing conditions in the concerned area for the purpose of production of wealth as a source for improvement of life of inhabitants of the area, i.e. improvement of material conditions for life of inhabitants of the area.

Keywords: economic development, economic potential, labour market

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