M. Ingaldi, S. T. Dziuba
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


For most of us, a home is more than just a collection of different rooms. For people, the home serves as a shelter from adverse weather conditions and provides a sense of security. We spend most of our time there, have fun with the nearest family, learn, work, rise children, we sleep, eat meals, we care about cleanliness and hygiene. Our home should be furnished and conducted in accordance with ourselves and our family habits. Many issues related to the ecology begin to play a large role in the topic of housekeeping. It is not only taking care of the nature, but also the potential savings associated with reducing the consumption of many products, which affects the overall home budget. It should be emphasized that running the house in the ecological way does not mean immediately installing solar panels or a windmill. We can find simple ways that will also affect the improvement of the natural environment and counteract the phenomenon of the scarcity in our neighborhood. Such methods, repeated every day, become a habit. The purpose of the paper is to introduce to the subject of ecological household, ecological awareness of households, simple ways of life to live and help the natural environment. The paper also contains an introduction to a survey related to ecological households in Poland.

Keywords: eco-house, natural environment, scarcity, savings, home budget

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