A. Kliková, P. Klika
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The talk will be focused on the subject matter of possible creation of a database for determining market value of land using price comparison. The authors will focus upon selected questions regarding determining market value of land. They will define basic properties of land pieces, which are essential for the right choice of another comparable piece of land for valuation. The properties that are essential for selecting the method of valuation of market value of land are not only the kind of land stated in the land cadastre but also the classification of the land within the territorial plan due to its use. They will also talk about the subject matter linked with recording the kind of land within the land cadastre, changes in the kind of land, ways of recording the changes and questions regarding territorial planning. The authors will speak in detail about the subject matter of unit prices of the compared pieces of land, especially regarding the deviations in the sum of unit price in the implemented sales of land. The talk will include an example of creating a database for selected pieces of land. The example will serve for illustrating all the real problems arising when determining market value of concrete pieces of land using the comparison method.

Keywords: land cadastre, database, valuing, piece of land, kind of land

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