M. D. Mironova, L. F. Nugumanova, S. V. Markova, Z. N. Zapparova, I. F. Gotsulyak
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The present study explores the impact of natural and climatic factors on the conditions and efficiency of the activities of Russian public utility companies in the context of the theory of the economic system’s adaptation to the rapid changes occurring in the natural and climatic conditions using the example of the Far North. Given the change and uncertainty in the factors of the external and internal environment for public utility companies, innovative processes in the field of management are regarded as an immanent portion of the economic mechanism acting as a systemic principle of its functions in which the main purposeful component of its activity is the transformation of economic resources into the satisfied needs of homeowners. This process should provide for certain characteristics in the range of public utilities given to consumers; the extent to which they are fulfilled being the results of the functioning of the economic system. These results are manifested in the change in the quality level of all types of resources used as well as in the quality of the activities, functioning and development of the company as a whole. As part of this study, the author draws on the content aspect of the theory of external environment homogeneity-heterogeneity. The fluctuations of seasonal temperature maximum and minimum levels, the average annual temperatures and annual precipitation in Russia have displayed an unpredictable nature in recent years which is the cause behind the occurrence of heterogeneities (stresses) in managed economic systems. Based on the matrix analysis of the management of a public utility company in the context of uncertainty, the author justifies the conclusion on the development of an intermediate strategy that would ensure the sustainable operation of the public utility company in extreme conditions and preserve the ecology of the external environment of the company and human activity.

Keywords: public utilities, uncertainty, sustainable operation, matrix analysis

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