V. M. Muraru, S. L. Muraru, C. Muraru-Ionel, P. Condruz, R.Sfaru
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


In agriculture, drought is a particularly harmful natural factor. In some regions, it
manifests in most agricultural crops by a moisture deficiency or an unfavorable
distribution of rainfall in relation to crop requirements.To reduce the effects of drought and increase production in agriculture, it is necessary to irrigate the controlled supply of soil with additional amounts of water than those received under natural conditions, so as to ensure high and constant agricultural output.Plant development is determined by a complex of factors: humidity and aeration, heat,light and nutrients.The paper presents a method of optimizing water use in agricultural crops based on satellite information. Based on satellite imagery, the water needs of a crop at local level
will be determined using various processing methods. For each crop, location, and
vegetation stage, maps will be generated for water requirements. Based on maps,
intelligent irrigation modules will provide local water needs for optimal crop development. Depending on the farmer’s financial possibilities, the irrigation modules
can be classical and will be ordered manually or semi-automatically, or can be
intelligent and automatically ordered. The main elements of the proposed method are:
a) satellite images, field measurements, agrotechnical prescriptions based on which
water maps are generated;
b) Irrigation modules made from classic fixed or mobile irrigation installations
c) GPS equipment to provide location,
d) how to control and control the irrigation modules (controllers, electrodes,
pressure regulators, humidity sensors, various irrigation components)
e) water sources, pumps, water supply under pressure, etc.
The crops will be irrigated differently on the surface based on the information received
from the GPS and maps with water requirements.

Keywords: water, irrigation, satellite information, GPS, controllers

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