S. Demin, N. Demina, A. Andreev, Y. Nefedyev
Thursday 11 October 2018 by Libadmin2018


The present paper shows that the analysis of full flow X-ray activity signals recorded
by the ASM (All-Sky Monitor) survey camera of RXTE (Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer)
orbital observatory for binary systems allows for not only establishment of some
mechanisms of matter accretion in binary star systems but classification depending on
manifestation of statistical memory effects as well. As an example, using frequency
dependencies of autocorrelators and their derivatives calculated on the basis of Memory Function Formalism (MFF), the features of daily averaged and “raw” time sequences of the Cyg X–1 (Cygnus X–1) binary system X-rays are revealed. Particularly, measures and functions of statistical memory, calculated for the specified Cyg X–1 activity types,allowed for the conclusion on inhomogeneous structure of the inner layers of the accretion disc that mainly generated X-rays, and rather low rate of mass transfer. At the same time, the periods characterizing uneven (most significant) changes in evolution of an object were several hundreds of days. In the paper, it is noted that description of nature of the specified “events” requires obtaining some additional information based on analysis of the signals generated in other ranges of electromagnetic waves. Future prospects of using MFF will focus on the study of autocorrelation and aftereffects in signals of other binary systems recorded both in one and various ranges of electromagnetic spectrum. The results of the analysis of cross-correlations and synchronization effects for simultaneously recorded experimental data on quasars in various frequency ranges will be of certain interest.

Keywords: space observations, X-rays, binary systems, Cygnus X–1, accretion,
memory function formalism, autocorrelations, time series analysis

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