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English as the language of business, science and academia is widespread throughout the world. The concern about proficiency level in ESP (English for Specific Purposes) is significant because it is the language used for sharing research results, academic learning and must effectively and efficiently receive and convey messages for professional purposes. Researchers and practitioners in many countries analyze the data on global changes in society and the role of English in these changes. As a result the general strategy of training English has changed bringing about new ideas in the methods of teaching English. The priorities change for learning a foreign language at the university level is associated with choosing English as a language spoken throughout the world, so universities of Russia consider professional English as a competence and skill to be acquired for successful career. Moreover, it is a relevant factor to promote the university itself. Professional English training programs around the world are constructed so that a student is able to effectively address their future real professional tasks in English and cope with the self-study reading, watching or/and listening of state-of-the-art information in English. And if the university wants to grow, or be respected and popular it must not ignore the requirement of the contemporary university students. In connection with this trend, it is the course book for English classes, taking into account all the peculiarities of the programs taught at the university that is number one task when starting ESP training. If it is impossible to use the professional publishing series "from Cambridge", online materials and thematic series, the teachers have to make a collection of texts that may meet the demands of their students and develop their course. This approach allows the teaching staff to address specific professional tasks of their students. Hence, we can discuss in interdisciplinary study of English, the content which combines ideas and concepts across different disciplinary boundaries. When developing the course we keep in mind that students learning in this way are able to apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to another different discipline as a topic to discuss and a way to deepen the learning experience.

Keywords: three-body system, thermal properties, rock samples, heat transfer

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